Official Itinerary Used To Glorify God of Romans 15:5-6

•  Select  a  Bible Verse to speak at GLORIFY2017.   

•  After publishing, prayerfully wait until 31102 people have reserved 31102 Bible Verses.

•  When the announced SATURDAY is given,  join along the Detroit River Banks together.

•  At 12:58 PM. Reach towards Heaven reciting our assigned Bible Verses unanimously!

•  Adults and toddlers are expected to have said their assigned verses by 1:00 PM. (2 minutes).

* Our Divine Nature of GOD Restores as God have granted to us!   Ref: Romans 15:5.


Honor This Day: Outdoor Communions Served In City Streets. Format By Jesus: Take Bread Then Cup Drink  (Shame not the Lord). If your requested Bible verse is taken, select another or mail your requested verse in with your information.  Write To: Preach1 Day, 17600 Eight Mile Rd., Suite 13W, Southfield, MI 48075  Call: 248.569.8585 This is a world called assembly with a minimal of 31102 people per side of the Detroit River. We come this far with guidelines, not to guide others, but lead others to the Guider ©  Larry G. Denson as composer of Romans 15:6; known as the Preach1 Day Assembly.

Romans 15:6  that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our   Lord Jesus Christ.

To Glorify GOD On Purpose
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