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  The Romans 15:6 Consent to Glorify God

Step 1.  You have reserve a Bible verse to recite.  Your name will bare witness.

Step 2.  Prayerfully wait until all 31102 Bible verses are reserved, then a date to assemble will be announced.

Step 3.  On the announce SATURDAY meet up with the assembly on the Detroit River Banks.

Step 4.  Sharply at 12:58 PM reach towards heaven, reciting assigned verses unanimously.

Step 5.  Adults and toddlers are expected to complete the production of Romans 15:6  by  1:00 PM (2 minutes).

 Romans 15:5 is God’s offers to us.

 End this day with outdoor communions in the streets. (no added alcohol)

If your requested Bible verse are taken, select another or mail the requested verse in with your information.  Write To: Preach1 Day, 17600 Eight Mile Rd., Suite 13W, Southfield, MI 48075 This is a world called assembly with a minimal of 31102 people per side of the Detroit River. Benefits Click the "Activation Link" sent to your email box to activate your account. Then return to where you can use your password and ID to sign on.