The Rebirth of Detroit; page #6

    Larry Denson
    By Larry Denson

    In 1992 I started a company to get a Detroit community to see a vision that was reachable with a $350 annual payment plan, a plan that yield $20,000 more for your home. So I wrote the vision and I made it plain. The City of Detroit was impressed but not to the degree that a none politician will uphold such a position in their city without being a politician. This difference brought a division between my job as engineer with IBM, my dream community plans for a Detroit community, and the city of Detroit authorities. In short, my allowance to work part time with my job came to an end. After revealing the report to take an entry position in politics was not with support by IBM who was a partial supporter with my plans to work in the community. With notice to return back to work full time, I left my submitted plans behind while watching pieces of my plans take place in the hands of other city governmental departments. This would lead the City of Detroit to a major failure in mortgage crashes as we all know about. Without total care of the Heads Up company initiatives, the project called $20,000 more couldn't survive.


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