The Rebirth of Detroit; page #8

    Larry Denson
    By Larry Denson

    In 1992 It became a fact that the smarter man (more inspired) is always selected with honors by their community upkeep appearance, even unto this day it is so a marker. Heads Up Incorporate was my claim to keep the City of Detroit promising for the next up and coming century (2000 Y2K). The prophecy of heads Up Inc. (High populated African American communities decreases in property value) has again proven its words to be with accuracy. Can the City of Detroit make a rebound without a grass root initiative of excellent in spirit from one of its own, first? The document in view was published in 1991. This is a eight page document that was submitted to the City of Detroit in 1992  The post office box and phone number have since changed and the company have gone away, but if for nothing else, I, Larry Denson have since resigned but still looking for a smarter Detroiter with their plans for neighborhood development, that can increase property value among the African American People.  Please write to Larry Denson, 248.968.9588 Crown Pointe Blgd., Suite 326, Oak Park, Michigan 48237.


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