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Our 21st century objective is to glorify God at Romans 15:6 on a day cloned as Preach1 Day

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The divine message for a Preach1 Foundation came in Janurary 2000. The ministry went public January 1, 2010

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Evangelism on Detroit's Riverwalk

Fear, Shame or Glory to God

No Excueses

No crepted in unawares

Getting ready to glorify God

No shame in glorifying my God

Preach1Day Honors

See your chance to exit fear

The best way to God's Heart

Will you say words from God in public

Preach1 Day. Do we have to testify of God or the Lord

Will you say words from God in public

Preach1 Day July 12 2022 Cullen Plaza

Preach1 Day _ Cullen Plaza

Preach1 Day at Cullen Plaza Detroit, MI

Preach1 Day _ Cullen Plaza

Preach1 Day on the streets of Detroit, MI

What God loves is a cheerfull believer

An expression of light on Preach1 Day

We never know who is next in the Lord

Forth coming •Pre-Wedding Feast

Pre-Wedding Feast with Jesus Christ, you must qualify with heavenly orders. Revelation 19

The making of a miracle#2

A duty to follow for a Miracle, which truly follows them that believe, this sign is your proof of action

How to get honest favor

How grants works in God

Riverside walking on Preach1 Day

Getting people before Satan does

Evangelizing in July on Preach1 Day

Father, bless them who didn't deny you

Preach1 Day walk along Cullen Plaza 06_2021

The Saints of God are coming

A walk along Cullen Plaza on Preach1 Day

God's Cummunity in action

Preach1 Day opens up with a Bible verse

Opening up Preach1 Day Church

Bro. John opens the doors to Preach1 Day

Getting ready for the 1 PM reciting to God

Saving lifes with an on time word

How to pass thru the days of Covid-19

How to return power and strength back to God

The How To: In spirit and truth worship

Preach1 Day at The River

Lets get Michigan going

Comment on worship

First thing you must do to worship God

Inspired movie to Preach1 Bible

Movie Trailer #11

How to Install A Verse

Movie Trailer #10

The making of a miracle

Follow this short video

Our posts on FaceBook

What we know about Romans 15:5-6

Can man prepare for Rapture of Jesus Christ?

Whose on notice, today!?

When we contact you to honor in a Bible growth position, we may expose you if you're leading God's people.

In the twinking of an eye

The sessions of Preach1Day assembles are every Saturday until God is glorified in the Son by John 14:13 or first comes the Rapture


Saturday's are Preach1Days at the river and every Saturday beyond.

Links offered here are good until the Rapture

Be a mark on God's Timeline, Today!

Its called growth when a sheep began preaching

Devotion week by Yvette Denson


Please make a comment


His aliment purpose of existence, sermon style


There is Old Covenant, New Covenant and Lamb’s Book of Life Covenant.

Preach1 Blog site

Visit our resources

Lamb Book of Life is in the earth

The Lamb book of life is a natural signable book in the earth for use by the saints of God, and not a book held only in heaven by its most high, as those in the earth were thinking.

The Tree of Life

Its now prophesied that the Tree of Life would be within holy cities where Glorifiers are giving the rights of passage to freely honor God by His Consent, giving saints preparation to write in at media sites or mail in their data for entry.

Lacking knowledge to 21st century prophecy?

The 20th century saints was never told that they'll have a chance to put their own names in the Lamb Book of Life and live with Christ forever.

The Purple Report

Excerpt of Philippians 4: Whatever is of good report, think on these things

Leaving a paper trail to God

Preach1 is the only paper trail journey to glorify God and biblical proven by those who have joined us in the scripture of Romans 15:5-6

Comment on who is Jesus

Jesus, true begotten Son or GOD?

Our True Identity In Christ

Strength to glorify God, is a requirement

We can glorify God by His written consent, only. Setting aside ourselves then honor our God for a oneness in harmony with man and God. " May the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus, that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Reference: Rom 15:5-6 " ESV Bible

We're Social Networking

Yes, we're going to be on our own social networking site, publicly (like Facebook) and privately within our community. Support our media services with commercial activities available.

How will I know if Preach1 is of God?

Our own Larry Denson, will answer one of the greatest mysteries of the Bible, that is “where are the mansions Jesus talked about in John 14:2 ?” Once this answer is ministered to all, you shall be delivered to know the truth by the spirit of God. If anyone knows where these mansions are let them tell us by sending the answer to before the conformation date.

Saints are coming to lift up our Lord

And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all man unto me.” (John 12:32 KJV)

Again & Again...

Can't we see whats happening if we continue on our way, Who shall say "Lets run to God before it's too late!"

There is a plan of grace

A ram in the brush? There is no way out for Detroit, however there is a deeper way into her.

Preach1 Day - How - When - Where - Why

Monut up the family, friends and neigbhors

The Pathway

There is no set location at the Detroit River, Just be on time for the assembly on a Saturday, starting at 12:58 PM for 2 minutes. Be sure to assemble in the thickest parts of the multitudes. Do not break line of sight!

Come to access relief from all durdens

Our Lord is waiting us to join His communion services of eating His broken body and spilled blood offered outdoors. Churches/Stores/Street blocks, etc. On Preach1 Day, receive Jesus in his commission for us to have communion as often as we can.

Let's Go! What are we waiting on?

Waiting on those to first join the in-take of God's One-Voice for the tour of such regional area. Don't be 10 seconds off, please sync your watches with regional standard time.

Preach1 Day shall always be the outdoor ministry

Knowing how weather changes in Michigan, it may be on a day only Jesus could fall asleep (ref: the boat) with high regards we are outside because that's where saints decree God's Word together.

Take God's offer into His Harmony!

Are you going to know the voice of God when it comes, when it's here or when it's gone? The false voices are present now!

Preach1 Day is on Saturday?

Preach1 day will be announced when all scriptures are installed into the One-Voice-Of-God-Holy-Bible. We will reach you by emails, Network News Stations, this website, word of mouth, dotting the date for the Detroit River recital for Preach1 Day.

Preach1 Day made simple

By having a heart for people in general, God has let me hear their out-cry's in the streets of the cities. So I wrote the vision He's given me and made it plain so that anyone may take it and run to God for more grace, peace and harmony. Don’t be late on Preach1 Day!

When is Preach1 Day?

The date of Preach1 Day will be scheduled when all bible verses are registered for the 2 minute ceremony. Move as God has given you the ability to register, Don't wait till you’re counted as doubtful, then one day need God honestly.

Where on the Detroit River?

Go to a city in the USA where the Detroit River is presence, notice the view, can you see other people there to pledge in the Preach1 Day ceremony? If yes, join in!

When you understand one-voice, register right then

God is waiting harmony coming to our citizens, It's to the powers of God for what happens to murders and unjust people among us.

God's in time word for these chaotic times

Thanks for your donations! We are prepairing Believers around Michigan to pledge in Michigan's Preach1 Day.You'll know us for the ministry that interpreted God's word for these chaotic times.

Do I need Preach1 if I have a church home?

The church has never offered God up in one-voice. We’re sending spirit voices to God, one-voice of all verses in His Holy Bible, starting God's next reloltution for man to live together in His Harmony, through blessings brought pure to God from the multitudes seeking His Harmony for regions that glorifies God by His consent at Romans 15:5-6

Being accountable to truth

Covering the gap in holiness

Inbox message respond

Proverbs 18:11 A rich man's wealth is his strong city, and like a high wall in his imagination.

Come through the doors of Romans 15:5-6

Come through here, this way Michigan, come and take, like most taking medicine, take this door! Once God glorifies His name (Preach1 Day), possess this land Saints!

Man Up Michigan, Women & Children too!

Mount up citizens of Michigan! Together we've never brought one-voice to glorify God, so teach children there verse and let's fill this cup! How so our citizens are perishing now that vision has come?

God begot Jesus, Jesus begot you, you...

God raises spiritual people to a place and time to interpret his word differently than suggested and gives them a divine word to preach

Strongholds of Evil over Michigan

It's real: millions are hiding faces in their bibles while being haunted by strongholds of evil...

2 minutes to harmony through glory

Power to possess your harmonies through cup-glory

Grant Requires a Cup of Glory

We are to deliver a Cup of Glory to the Host of Heaven... "and greater works than these will he do”.

Is God worth ministering to?

that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Romans 15:-6)

Defending Preach1 Day

Grant:To accord as a favor, prerogative, or privilege: granted the franchise to all members.

Will your church stand in awe?

None have brought a cup of glory to God except Jesus Christ. State wide we can do it again! Today, we now know the way and have the resources! Will your church-family stand or fold when it's time to mount up labors for God‘s grant of harmony for Michigan’s believers?

Detroit’s EFM VS God!

More Education and Money or Worship?

Be wise: only what you do for God will last

By any means necessary take this mountain by force or we will be counting our dead after the great thrust has come and order seen nowhere in sight, Michigan!

God's grant writer for Preach1 Day

Meet Larry Denson

To Women of Michigan

Much is resting on you! Mary carried baby Jesus, surely your baby can carry a word from God. It's worthy to record the moment.

Chaos to Harmony in 2 Minutes

At this junction in life we must advance into boundaries not offered by prayer nor church, just know that God is awaiting an offering of glory by His Believer's one-voice of pure spirit!

Offering Up Michigan (No Ram in bush)

Offering up Michigan/Detroit/Oak Park/Flint/Southfield/Grosse Pointe…

Pulpit and Pew come out as one!

The pictures on the homepage are dramatized, hoping to inspire a ceremony that hasn’t yet came, to a people of strength, not yet known.

What's your Holy Ghost telling you?

You finished your 2 prophecies of the bible, baptism and initial sinner's prayer, right? What else could set you free, free in deed?

Michigan To Answer God's Request!

We covenant with God for His harmony to arise and stay 100 years with our familes of Believers.

She was so nice, what happened?

An excerpt to get them back so when we go to God, he'll laugh happy of you. Register to let God know your free-in-deed is to see them glorified, hopefully he’ll initiate your harmony today!

True Pastor of Michigan

How do you tell if your true Pastors of the word loves God; they wouldn't let nothing stop them from a one-voice deed glorifing God by God's written wayof doing so; Romans 15-6.

Conversations Vs. Application

With all the many Sundays, Sanctuaries, Sermons, Alters calls, and Pews filled, couldn’t bring enough glory to God, for his release of HARMONY into earth, until Preach1Day comes

Revised: God Gets Worshiped

Surely you’ve heard ’em: Give me your money and you are cleared for all things in God’s opened heaven or your hand for God's hand etc.!

Keeping A Righteous Worship

What's in the bible greater than worshipping and glorifying God the Father that Jesus Christ shall receive his glory by his Father?

What are we doing to the church?

An open rebuke is better than secret love says the Lord! If you're following any leader, make sure they know: True Worshipping

LAST CALL: those who heard the request

The days when we asked people twice to register for Preach1 Day are over!

An angel of the Lord is listening

Why know God enough that you won't glorify him by His written words in Romans 15:6 and still continue praying to Him after denying Him?


The word of God change people

Stop: Asking Government to fix cities like Detroit's cultural problems, it's not their call to go beyond the church.

P1D: Greater Than I Have A Dream Speech!

Sensitive material!


Jesus has waited over 2000 years for His begots to do a greater work, DON'T DENY JESUS NOW!

Believe 66 is greater than 27

Father God to Crown Jesus with glory!

MISSION: To do greater works than Jesus

Jesus "Rise, let us go from here"

Why some must die for this cause

Prepare to catch the breathe of God at Preach1 Day

Take lead in your house

Only what you do for the Lord will Last

A Believers work

Only what you do for the Lord will Last

Got Blindsided In Worship Details?

Those who have known this, were they ever going to tell you?

Honesty, how do we worship?

Help the others, our missionary work is needed all over Michigan.


Government Called To Reason With Truth

To: The First Fruits of Romans 15:5-6

The weaker ones; never able to re-pay the strong.

Preach1 Day; Simplified For Family

Children shouldn't miss out of this advance assembly of glorifying God!

ABC's To Preach1 Day

7 Itinerary steps to glorify God, God's Way

Order in Heaven

Let's sync on worship to God.

When was your last time glorifying God?

None living have never lived to tell it...

Leadership ends vain glorifies to God

Believing you've sent an assigned glorify to God, how so?

Our Purpose

To daily receive God's glory and commission to glorify God & Father our LORD.

Rebuked Locally, Established Heavenly

For power without shame


Guessing at what should glorify God is wicked!

Missionaries of glorifying God - Print & Give

...that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in Heaven. Matt 5:16

The Lawless One

Only for Christians that can handle the truth, this article is not for all!

Bible's greatest commission mystery unveiled

Preach1 Day ministry saves face for all institutions

Since Jesus, who glorifies God?

The greatest offering to God is to glorify Him.

Our Greatest Office to Jesus

Do as Jesus asked Us; Glorify God!

One Voice Glorify (2 Min's)

Having no concerns for an ‘easy yoke and a light burden ministry’ is proof that freedom haven’t worked for you.

Jesus as Prince: Vote Here

Stop trying to glorify God from old testement, its not posisible less Jesus in accord.

Preach1 Day: No guess work - No folly

God is waiting His approval from you. Do not keep the LORD waiting, sign up please!

Time to Grow

Its time all saints take a growth position

We are the generation to take the promise home

Undisclosed worth for them that shall glorify God His Way.

Naysayers and Critics

People want to see more footage on Preach1 Day

The poor that loves God

The calling is greatest when you're poor!

Be Prepared

To them believing their Bible

To Glorify God By Consent

Wait until 12:58 PM on the assigned date

How we'll recover our lost churches

The Truth of Romans 15:6 will lead us back to God!

Human Bible Registry

Join 31102 people to take up their cross and walk toward Christ, glorifying GOD.

Conformation of Preach1 Day

Romans 15:6, Is it a repass of history that will glorify God for the purpose of the gospel sake?

Whats your status about Jesus Christ

Click link and comment on this post, Thank You!

The only verse to allow you to exit Hell

Hell is the patchy spots of the Earth's 1/4 surface

Start building in God's Kingdom things

New additions bringing wealth to God's Kingdom children through scripture sponsoring!

There's only one way God is excepting saints honor to glorify Him.

Why was glorifying God overlooked for generations passed, didn't the leaders see Romans 15:6 awaiting service before it became critical?


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"BELIEVE" "Believe" in God you will never lose in life! Matthew 21:22
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To glorify God, it's not by individual thoughts or work, but by God's Word & Consent.
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Many scriptures can't be interpreted until God anoint a Prophet. I write for Romans15:6
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There're two type of people, those who'll Glorify God at Rom 15-6 & those who doubt it.
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According to John14:13 if you can go to preach1, signup, you can have anything you ask
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I live my life that I may die with your name added to this list of God's glorifiers
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With my Signature Bible Verse ( I've vowed to officiate lives w/purpose
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