With those of the faith who receives the prophecy scripture in Romans 15:5-6, join our missionary of neighbors. We’re leading a world wide tour to glorify God by 1 cup! It is a ministry of voice which requires a minimal of 31,102 saints per landmark. Join the assembly, side by side of those who’ll be reciting/singing God’s Word for two minutes into God’s Ears! This ‘on purpose cryout’ is God’s one voice, glorifying God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, unanimously!

If you do not believe the above paragraph stop here and discard all materials and enjoy the day.

We’re inviting you to operate your Sub Office in partnership with the Preach1 Foundation. Your Sub Office will grant you the liberty to distribute promotional items; such as, flyers and posters. Operators will also be granted permission to sale promotional items, such as mementoes and make executive decisions. This can be done through fundraiser's, home visits and or campaigns for prospects anywhere God is. This position allows all operators to facilitate in meetings, recruit additional members into the Kingdom and even collect donations. Sub Office managers can empower their team to collect donations under their given registration number while retaining 50% of all the donations they raise minus fees. Participate in the work of publishing ‘believers names with a Bible verse’. Our main office No. 248-802-1900, 248-569-8585 and email: info@preach1.com can be used for resource information to operate your Sub-Office successfully.

Character for Sub Office are governed by Matt 5:16

1. You have a flow of people moving through your platform such as a school, church, store, restaurant, etc. You have windows, walls, counters, and floor space for displaying posters.

2. Organized area to explain the mission of our forum. An Internet connection via any device capable of communicating over the Internet to sign up participants.

3. Use one of our related themes: Preach1 Day, Hate Free City, 1Humanbible.com, etc. to grow awareness to your ministry.

You have free range of content within the Bible to make your purpose known in publishing names to Bible verses.

First register today at Preach1.com then click the ‘Sponsor link’ on the homepage and follow through the simple steps.

You can express any concerns by writing or emailing to our main office and we’ll get back with you. Whatever we do, let it be our glory to the Lord; 1 Corinthians 10:31.

Please Note: Donation are sometimes given without a subscriber entry. These donations are also offerings requiring its share in the 50/50 donation forum.

Terms of Honor/Requirements Start A Sub Office