Using Topics:

Why Topics - Topics are here to place your content in view of those who would want to connect with you for varies reasons.

How To: Login on homepage, Once in your console you will scroll down to the Topic entry box below, If you want others to visit your profile on the networking section, select Visit = Yes, select App’s  = optional, My Topic = your content statement. When done click File button. You can see your entry at the homepage by clicking the link below.

Viewing Topics: In your console you can see your topic entries at right and below of the User/View Edit selection. When you run your mouse over your entry line you’ll see your total statement entry.

Deleting My Topics: Your Topics are set to auto delete after 120 days, but if you need to delete a topic before the expiration date, go to User/View Edit selection and find the line topic you want to delete, place your mouse over the X and click it one time.

After Topic Auto Delete: You can remove the entry from your console by clicking the X at end of your statement. If you like to send it back to the database view, then you’ll have to retype it or call the 1800 number.

Max Topics: All consoles are assigned a set number of free topics, if you want to do anything out side of these setting, call the 1800 number for help.

My Topics: All content must be clean and good for the visitors who’s viewing your topic statements on this site. If you type a topic statement outside of the viewable space allowed, your topic may post with a truncation view in the output of the Database View. If you notice misuse please notify us immediately!

Buy More Topics: Call the 1800 number for purchasing more Topics. Every new partner start out with 10 free Topics.